FeelNYC solves all your complaints with this guide to two of the best contemporary art galleries in New York.

New York City is full of art galleries and exhibitions. But with so many big name art pieces on display at can be very easy to overlook some less recognized albeit amazing works. That´s why FeelNYC is here to answer all you artists´ complaints and concerns with this review of two of the best under-appreciated NYC contemporary art galleries. For those who won´t have a chance to visit personally you can still enjoy these incredible photos!

Agora Gallery: agora gallery Located in the Chelsea district and specializing in contemporary refined art this establishment has been around only since 1984. For starters, the good news is that entrance is free. The gallery is known for supporting emerging mid-level artists who have yet to make a name for themselves´. Address: (530 W 25th St. New York; open Tue-Sat 11AM-6PM)
agora gallery 2

digital art at SoHoSOHO Gallery for Digital Art: As with Agora admission here is free however there are occasional special events that do come with a 7 to 30$ admissions free. Inform yourself prior to visitng on the official website if you wish to know more about specific dates and event listings. Located conveniently in the heart of the SoHo District this often underappreciated art gallery caries a wide selection of beautiful digital art peices. For those who are into promising amateur animation, photography and digital art this is a great place to find inspiration from fellow budding artists. This gallery doubles as community space and often hosts a series of additional venues that range from comedy shows to book readings, and even film exhibitions. Address: (138 Sullivan St. New York.: open Tue-Sat 3PM-7PM)Animated Short at SoHo

Thanks to FeelNYC we hope we´ve answered all your amateur artists and art enthusiasts´ complaints. These are undeniably two of the best art galleries that tourist often overlook. So if you want to truly experience New York and have real local and cultural experience, come check out the Agora Gallery in Chelsea and the Digital Art Gallery in SoHo. Enjoy!


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