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FeelNYC solves all your problems with a guide to surfing in New York

With the fast paced hustle and bustle of the city, it is very easy to forget that the East coast of the USA receives some of the best Atlantic swells in the world. Just 20 minutes out of the city you will find some of the best, most powerful waves available in America. The aptly named Long Island stretches 118 miles along the Atlantic coast offering as much diversity on the beach as you will find in the city; from Jersey-like waves exploding along groins in the west, to the long, uninterrupted, Hatteras-like beaches in the Hamptons, to the classic, New England-style points and reefs in Montauk. The east coast has it all.

The huge swells that come in from the Atlantic bring with them extremely chilly waters making a wetsuit necessary nearly all year round. Many surfers choose to wear a hood, boots and gloves during the winter months due to the harsh conditions. It is during the winter months that the East coast experiences the largest swells due to the hurricane season taking place in the Atlantic, swells that bring powerful, board breaking waves to the Long Island coast. It is safe to say that surfing near to New York isn´t for the faint hearted.

With the city being a major economic epicenter, a lot of city surfers are drawn to the surf of NYC. This large number of resident surfers in NYC brings large crowds to the closer beaches to the city. Furthermore, the poor traffic system that runs the length of Long Island means there is almost always heavy traffic.

Another factor to take into consideration is locals. Although not as territorial as some surf tribes in other part of the world, the locals along the Long Island coast have a certain level of territorialism that can spark conflict between visitors who are deemed to be ´trespassing´.

Despite the outlined risks and pitfalls outlined, there really is a surf scene worth checking out in New York. There is now a world surfing championship stage held in New York, an unlikely destination it would seem. As an alternative get away from the fast pace of the city, sitting back and waiting for that perfect wave is an unmatched way to relax whilst on holiday in NYC. Thanks to this guide from FeelNYC, you should have no problems if you decide to take to the swell. Just don´t forget your wetsuit!


FeelNYC presents the best Glass Blowing Workshops for Beginners in the Big Apple

CanesGlass Blowing is a profession known and practiced by very few in today´s day and age. The profession has been a prominent art form since the Phoenicians in 50BC. Glass Blowing Hot shops are hard to come by and learning can be very costly. Thankfully New York is such a vibrant metropolis it happens to be one of the few places where glass shops and glass blowing courses are readily available. For those that are interested you´ll want to check out this guide to some of the best places for glass blowing in New York. Enjoy discovering art through this unique medium unlike any other.Punties

Urban Glass: Urban Glass offers some quality courses for beginners and first time users.

This urban glass shop regularly offers Weekend Glass-making Workshops. Visitors and Guests can choose from 3 different types of glass-making disciplines including, bead-making, kiln forming, and stained glass. They also offer private classes for one on one sessions with more advanced students. Rates vary accordingly so check the official site.

  1. Bead-making: Bead-making is another long practiced profession in the glassblowing family. This art is primarily made by burning rods of colored glass over a flame and then fusing them into beautiful designs and twisting canes. For those who are interested note that all the tools will be supplied and no experience is required. They also offer an intermediate class for those who wish to advance their skills beyond the basics.Bead Making
  2. Kiln Forming: Kiln forming is done by fusing large sheets of colored glass into a variety of shapes and designs. Typically these sheets are arranged on a flat layer of clear glass and then you slowly heat and connect the colored panes. Expect to learn a great deal about basic fusing concepts. Again, no experience required but you will need to supply your own tools for this specific workshop.
  3. Stained Glass: Principles include glass cutting and assembly. You will also learn about design and working with colors. This class is easy and you´ll have a chance to walk away with your very own glass panel. All materials are included this time and once again no experience is required.bench-tools

Address: (126 13th 3rd Floor between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave., Brooklyn)

Glass BlowingScanlan Glass: Prices are high as is generally the case with glassblowing classes however you´ll be guaranteed two hours of rigorous assistance and information as you work one on one with resident professor and artist Kevin Scanlan. Kevin Scanlan has been teaching for over 25 years and is extremely used to working with beginners and advanced artists. In short, Scanlan offers help to beginners and experts alike. Group classes are also offered over the course of six week sessions.

Address: (499 Van Brunt St Ste 2A. Brooklyn, Red Hook Neighborhood)

9716420-lgSo now thanks to FeelNYC you can learn about this long standing tradition by trying yourself first hand. No more problems, no more complaints, now you have everything you need to have another once in a life time experience in the Big Apple! So get out there and visit the best glass shops in New York while you still can!

FeelNYC wishes you a problem free New Year with this guide to N.Y.C.´s underground events for 2013

underground street artHappy New years to all our followers! To get 2013 off to a good start FeelNYC has solved all your problems with our review of some of the best underground events going on in New York this month. Tourists and locals alike will want to check this out to know where the Big Apple´s next big events will be going down.

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt

Yearly No pants “Flashmob style” subway Ride

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

Underground Rave

This Friday, Jan 11 at 10:00pm. The event will be held at the Private Loft in Brooklyn, NY

Guaranteed House Music beats all night long! To start off 2013 with style the NYC underground house music parties are back with a monstrous lineup of all star artists. Performers include, Antonello coghe, Jihad Muhammad and DJ Justice. So if you want to get your dance on then come down to the Brooklyn area Friday night Jan 11th and discover the new York underground lifestyle. (Where: Private loft “note look for the silver door not the main entrance” 70 North 6th St Williamsburg) for guest list details check out the official site.

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt



This Sunday, Jan 6 at 1230PM. The event will start at the Fraunces Tavern Restaurant anmd take you through some of the least visited sites around the New York area. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt as the clues lead you trhough a series of physical and mental challenges as well. The winter hunts are done underground so need to worry about the cold winter weather. Feel free to sign up with friends or come solo, just expect to spend approximatelñy 3 hours if you want to finish and have a chance to win some prizes. Top place finishers can win gift cards, t-shirts, and tickets to trivia nights. Note, you need at least one person with a picture phone to participate! For more info check out the official site sponsored by Pogo.Underground Rave

Flashmob No pants subway Ride

Flash mob

This fun spirited event has been going on every January for years now. The idea is inspired from flashmobs where people simultaneously start dancing in public places. This jovial social joke works along the same line. If you want to participate with thousands of other look at the official site and meet at one of the 6 rendezvous sites in Manhattan. Read the rules and then prepare for a good laugh. Enjoy! All participants are invited to the After party at the No Pants Country Club from 430-11PM (where: Facebook Event).

Feel NYC presents its review of the best Graffiti in the City

Graffiti N.Y.

Over the last several years, graffiti has become a prominent part of the New York area sub-culture. Old and young alike take to the streets to make their art known to the world. For those who truly wish to visit the great city of N.Y. and have a first-hand taste of this pinnacle of American rebel sub-culture then this is a review you won´t want to miss. FeelNYC is pleased to present the best things to know about Graffiti in the Big Apple.


Graffiti BattleGraffiti battles where two crews compete are common around the Brooklyn, Bronx, and queens areas. For current news check out the kings of new york´s official site and find out where all the current graffiti wars are going on around the city. (As of this Monday the Tats Cru and BG 183 can be seen going at it around the Bronx!)


The Big Apple is also home to a number of historic Graffiti sites including the popular;

The Graffiti Hall of Fame:

 graffiti nyc

(Located in Harlem)

5 Pointz:


(Located on Long Island)


FeelNYC´s review of the best graffiti spots in N.Y.: also recommends you check out the following! If you´re looking for art supplies around the So Ho and TriBeCa area than look no further than the scrap yard. This store is specially equipped for graffiti artists and although the store itself is small it has a surprisingly large selection of cans and colored markers. It was also rumored that back in the day rival graffiti crews would get into fights out front of the store and it was not uncommon to have your art supplies robbed. Thankfully the location is safe for all to visit but this little store still remains a hallmark of graffiti culture in the Big Apple. Location: (300 W Broadway between Canal St & Grand St)New York

FeelNYC presents the its review of the best places to find a cup of Joe

Having a hard time waking up and getting over that jet lag during your trip to the Big Apple? Well prepare to be impressed as FeelNYC presents its review of the best places to buy a deluxe cup of Joe around New York City!

032520101958-784021Blue Bottle Coffee: The New York location has become quite popular with the locals and specialties like the super smooth New Orleans syle iced coffee is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser. For those with no particular preference you can still take advantage of this unique location to buy some pretty stylish and unique gadgets and coffee merchandise. *Address: 160 Berry St Brooklyn

WTF Coffee Lab: This stylish Fort Greene coffee spot specializes in Japanese style cold WTF-Coffee-Lab-Fort-Greenbrew and pour over coffee. They have a wide and constantly changing selection of beans which offers great variety for even the regularly returning customers. The place does get a bit crowded so its not the best for a pick up and go type situation. *Address: 47 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn

Saturdays Surf & Coffee Shop: This is a one of a kind coffee and surf board shop. They combine two seemingly uncommon practices and made it to a one of a kind business. So for you beach goers out there looking for a nice cup of Joe before you hit the waves, this is the place for you my friend. They even have a relaxing back patio where you can sit back and hang loose. *Address: 31 Crosby Street, between Broome and Grand Streets26

So now whether you´re at the beach, in the city, or going to work, the next time you want a coffee to wake yourself up you won´t have any problems in the Big Apple. All this thanks to FeelNYC´s review of the best spots to buy a cup of Joe in New York.

FeelNYC´s guide to the best holiday pop up stores in NYC

Christmas is fast approaching and the festive cheer can be felt all round the City, with the lights that line practically every street and the ice rinks full of joyous children it is a quite wonderful time of year. There is however the stressful ordeal of Christmas shopping. With this quick guide to the best holiday pop up stores in the city, you´ll have no problems finding an original and unique gift for that special someone.

The wired store (538 broadway, between Prince and Houston)
For all your technical needs, get yourself down to this high tech pop up that showcases some of the most intelligent and advanced gadgets on the market. The interactive shopping experience offered takes Christmas shopping to another level. The store is open for 11am to 7pm and is closed on Mondays.

Everlane workshop (74 Gansevoort Street)
The sought after e-tailer is bringing their luxurious basics to the meatpacking district this winter. Be sure to take a walk around and browse some of their exquisite silks and cashmeres, perfect for your mother!

Dannijo pop up (27 Prince Street)
The Dannijo bibs are quickly becoming a hot accessory to have and this 600 square foot space that has opened is the perfect, chic environment to browse the collection to find something special. The store is open from 11am-7pm Monday to Saturday.

The Styleliner truck
The chic mobile boutique that is in fact a revamped potato chip truck is the brain child of Joey Wolffer, a budding entrepreneur, designer and now a truck driver too! An eclectic selection one-of-a-kind and limited edition accessories are available within. You can catch the truck in front of Eataly at 5th Avenue and 23rd Street on Wednesday and Thursdays from 11:30am-7:00pm, or head to the Meatpacking District and hop on at Washington Street- Fridays and Saturdays from 11:30am-7:00pm and Sundays from 11:30am-6:00pm.

Dylans Candy bar
The impressive life size gingerbread house and the Christmas tree made of candy are even worth the trip alone. Within there is a vast selection of sweets and treats for your every mood. Even better, to buy for a friend with a serious sweet tooth. Candy heaven is located at 1095 6th Avenue, across from Bryant Park. It is open from 10:00am-9:00pm on weekdays, 10:00am-10:00pm on Fridays and Saturdays, and 11:00am-9:00pm on Sundays through January 7th.

Artists and fleas Chelsea Market pop up
The famous Brooklyn market Artists & fleas is now in Chelsea market for the festive season. This means you won’t even have to leave Manhattan to enjoy the 50+ independent Brooklyn based designers. The market is located in Chelsea Market at 88 Tenth Avenue, near 15th Street. Store hours are 10:30AM-7:00pm daily.

With this brief guide to the best holiday pop ups you should receive no complaints regarding your original gifts this year!

FeelNYC solves all your problems with a guide to the New year’s eve ball drop.

With Christmas and the New Year just around the corner, here at FeelNYC we wanted to give you a heads up with a brief guide to what is going to be happening when we welcome the new year.

The most famous and momentous occasion of New Year is the ball drop atop One Times square. The Times Square ball has been lowered 77 feet down a specially designed flag pole at 11.59 on December 31st every year since 1907, (except 1942, 1943 to respect the wartime blackout). The picture below shows the ball in 1978:


The ball drop is one of the best known New Year’s celebrations internationally with more than 1 million people attending annually and an estimated 1 billion tuning in to watch it on television. The idea has also inspired other cities to adopt the tradition across the United States with smaller ´drops`.

The ball drop is one of the most spectacular visual displays of the year and no expense is spared on lighting, fireworks and music. Be warned though that once inside it will be very difficult to get out due to the vast amounts of people there.


As well as the famous ball drop there are also many large extravagant parties being held all over the city which we will cover closer to the time

You won´t be able to complain that there is nothing to do for sure, the only problem will be deciding what do do!

Happy Holidays from FeelNYC!

FeelNYC solves all your problems with its review of the best playgrounds in New York

Planning to visit the Big Apple with your kids but don’t know where to go to get some much needed relief? No worries FeelNYC is here to solve all your problems with our review of the best playgrounds in New York. Now you can enjoy some quite time alone with that special someone while your kids run their little hearts out around the swing sets.

Sandbox and Swings Brooklyn Bridge Park: the Brooklyn Bridge Park by Pier 6 has so much sand and water you’ll think you’re at the beach. This is the newest park that you can find on the Brooklyn waterfront. The park has climable animal structures, a boulder that spits water and even a line up of child sized houses. (Address: Furman St. at Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn Heights)

Heckscher Playground: Heckscher Playground is a 1.8 acre park and his been deemed by many as one of the most comprehensive playgrounds in the city. It has all sorts of kid friendly play sets including a tunnel, slides, swing sets, chutes carved in cement and even sprinklers to cool off the kids during the summer time. (Address: Central Park South at Seventh Ave)

Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 Playground: The Hudson River Park is perfect for those who like sports of all ages. The younger kids have your generic slides, monkey bars, and jungle gyms while the older kids also have two climbing walls for those that want to try their hand at some mountain climbing. There’s even has a skate park for young teenagers as well as a miniature golf course. (Address: Hudson River Park between Harrison and North Moore Street)

So now you won’t have any more problems having a quiet evening with the kids. All thanks to the advice of FeelNYC and its review of the best playground in the New York district.

FeelNYC solves all your complaints with the best ice-skating rinks in New York

As the holiday season creeps around the corner many of you have been asking about where you can find a nice ice skating rink in New York. Well thanks to FeelNYC no more problems, no more complaints, thanks to our guide to the best ice-skating rinks in the Big Apple.

Rockefeller Center Ice Rink: The Rockefeller Center Ice Rink is one of the most well-known rinks in the city and it draws in tourists and locals alike. One of the best aspects of this rink is that it is right in the center of New York but they never allow more than 150 skaters on the ice at a time. This allows for a nice intimate feeling and avoids overcrowding the lanes.

Citi Pond at Bryant Park: The biggest advantage is that at the citi Pond Rink in Bryant Park its free to enter. They also offer to rent out any equipment you might need for the modest price of $14. You can even get some skating lessons if you like.

Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers: The major advantage of using this particular facility is that it is open to skaters year round. The Sky Rink at Chelsea Piers also welcomes any and all level skaters whether they be novice, hockey players, or figure skaters. For more information about seasonal hours of operations check out the Chelsea Piers Rink official website. Also worth noting: admission generally costs $13.50 for adults and $11 for youths and elderly.

So now no more problems or complaints about finding a cool ice skating rink to practice your moves or just skate with that special someone, all this thanks to the advice from FeelNYC.

FeelNYC solves all your problems with: the best Bakeries in New York

Feel like having some croissants and or macaroons? Well FeelNYC solves all your problems with our guide to the best bakeries in New York! Yum!

Balthazar Bakery: This miniscule bakery attached to the iconic bistro Balthazar offers some of the best pastries in the city. (Address : 80 Spring Street)

Bien Cuit: Taste the delicious creations by renowned chef Zachary Golper. This professional baker used to work for the infamous Bec Fin a chic restaurant in France. Let yourself give in to temptation with these savory fruit pies or pain au chocolat. (Address : 120 Smith Street)

Levain Bakery: This bakery located in upper east side is celebrated in New York for its incredible cookies. What delight ! (Address: 167 West  74th Street)

Almondine Bakery:  Not only does this bakery offer a wide variety of french delicacies all in good taste and high quality, but it also offers deserts inspired American style. (Address: 80 Water Street)

Grandaisy Bakery: Known mainly for its artisan breads, Grandaisy also offers a selection of succulent patisseries. (Address : 250 West Broadway)

So thanks to FeelNYC no more problems finding a snack in a delicious French bakery! Bon appetite!