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Feel NYC answers your complaints on Poetry in NYC: The Third Annual NYC Poetry Festival

man poetry

This coming weekend, July 27th-July 29th, go to Governors Island for the Third Annual NYC Poetry Festival. Starting at 11:30 PM on Saturday, and continuing throughout the weekend, you will be able to experience poems from over 200 individuals and 50 companies. This is a great event to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, especially with a group of friends. Enjoy  and hear what the local poetry talent is like.



FeelNYC wishes you a problem free New Year with this guide to N.Y.C.´s underground events for 2013

underground street artHappy New years to all our followers! To get 2013 off to a good start FeelNYC has solved all your problems with our review of some of the best underground events going on in New York this month. Tourists and locals alike will want to check this out to know where the Big Apple´s next big events will be going down.

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt

Yearly No pants “Flashmob style” subway Ride

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

Underground Rave

This Friday, Jan 11 at 10:00pm. The event will be held at the Private Loft in Brooklyn, NY

Guaranteed House Music beats all night long! To start off 2013 with style the NYC underground house music parties are back with a monstrous lineup of all star artists. Performers include, Antonello coghe, Jihad Muhammad and DJ Justice. So if you want to get your dance on then come down to the Brooklyn area Friday night Jan 11th and discover the new York underground lifestyle. (Where: Private loft “note look for the silver door not the main entrance” 70 North 6th St Williamsburg) for guest list details check out the official site.

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt



This Sunday, Jan 6 at 1230PM. The event will start at the Fraunces Tavern Restaurant anmd take you through some of the least visited sites around the New York area. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt as the clues lead you trhough a series of physical and mental challenges as well. The winter hunts are done underground so need to worry about the cold winter weather. Feel free to sign up with friends or come solo, just expect to spend approximatelñy 3 hours if you want to finish and have a chance to win some prizes. Top place finishers can win gift cards, t-shirts, and tickets to trivia nights. Note, you need at least one person with a picture phone to participate! For more info check out the official site sponsored by Pogo.Underground Rave

Flashmob No pants subway Ride

Flash mob

This fun spirited event has been going on every January for years now. The idea is inspired from flashmobs where people simultaneously start dancing in public places. This jovial social joke works along the same line. If you want to participate with thousands of other look at the official site and meet at one of the 6 rendezvous sites in Manhattan. Read the rules and then prepare for a good laugh. Enjoy! All participants are invited to the After party at the No Pants Country Club from 430-11PM (where: Facebook Event).

FeelNYC solves all your’ kids complaints with: the best toy stores in New York

With Christmas just around the corner more and more kids are beginning to fill up their wish list. No need to fear though, FeelNYC solves all you kids complaints and makes their dreams come true with our review of the best toy stores in the New York. So now while you’re visiting the Big Apple you can take advantage of this one of a kind city and get your’ shopping done early!

Fao Schwarz: Every plush teddy bear, superhero, or animal ever made can be found at this huge outlet store. Fao Schwarz is the epitome of toy stores. If you can’t find the stuffed animal you’re looking for here you won’t be likely to find it anywhere else in New York.  (Address: 767 Fifth Ave. NYC (212-644-9400))

Kidding Around: Located in the Chelsea district, Kidding Around, is a one of a kind toy store with tons of novelty items that are perfect for young children. The store offers a variety of toys including interactive science kits, lie detectors, and microscopes for any budding scientists out there. (Address: 60 W. 15th St. NYC (212.645.6336))

Babesta: This quaint and trendy toy stores has a number of stylish items including cool one of a kind clothes, punk alphabet books, and even, believe it or not, lullaby renditions of Kanye West and Black Sabbath. In short, babesta is a must see for those who want their kids looking fly and trendy. (66 West Broadway NYC (212.608.4522))

So now, no more problems and complaints from your kids all thanks to the advice of FeelNYC. Have a good complaint free trip and happy holidays!

FeelNYC with the National Tartan Day Parade 2012 in New York

National_Tartan_Day_NYFirst it was Saint Patrick’s, now it’s National Tartan Day. On the 14th of April 2012, New York will celebrate Scottish heritage in the Big Apple with the 14th edition of the National Tartan Day Parade.

It commemorates the Declaration of Arbouth signed in 1320. This Scottish Declaration of Independence has a special significance for Americans as it was inspiration behind America’s own declaration.  In addition, it is estimated that more than 6 million Americans claim they have a Scottish descent. The 6th of April was thus declared National Tartan Day in recognition of the Scottish Americans’ contribution to the United States.


Visitors and locals alike can see numerous members of Scottish clans and organisations in the city celebrating their Scottish roots and heritage. Pipers and drummers from over 26 countries will proudly gather on 6th Avenue at 2pm on the 14th of April 2012 and parade through the streets of New York to Highland classics such as Scotland the Brave, Green Hills of Tyrol, Cock of the North, Farewell to the Creeks and Battle’s O’er Lochanside.

Such are the celebrations that in past editions of the event over 10,000 pipers and drummers have taken part, thus forming, as can be expected of New York, the largest pipe band in the world. One year, Sir Sean Connery himself led the parade alongside the New York City Mayor. In addition, William Wallace’s sword, one of Scotland’s national treasures, which hasn’t left the country for an impressive 700 years, was flown to New York for the National Tartan Day celebrations.


Prior to the march, they will celebrate NY Tartan Week and with it a whole host of events including the 10km Scotland Run, the “Life and Legacy of Andrew Carnegie” panel discussion in the Museum of American Finance, the VIP pre-show event, Butter, Whisky Live New York and Scottish theatre, amongst many other offerings.

Finally, festival-goers will be able to take part in the annual Tartan Day Post-Parade party at Stout’s. Regardless of whether or not you have Scottish roots, we definitely recommend that you don’t miss out on the New York National Tartan Day Parade and celebrations!

FeelNYC with the New York City Marathon 2012


The ING New York City Marathon, one of the largest in the world, will be taking place this 4th of November 2012. It forms part of the World Marathon Majors, and thousands of professional and amateur athletes from across the planet gather in the Big Apple to complete this 42.195km (26.219 mile) run.

Organised every year by the New York Road Runners, the New York City Marathon course runs through five of the city’s boroughs including Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Manhattan. Fun and panoramic!

So, why are we telling you so soon? Well, given the popularity of the race, participants are selected via a lottery system therefore, if you are up for the challenge then now is the time to apply as the 23rd of April marks the deadline for all entries.


In addition to the thrill of crossing the finishing line at New York’s Central Park, two million spectators will be there to cheer you on and 315 million viewers across the world will be rooting for you. Of course, the $600,000 prize moneyis always a plus.

Finally, prior to the marathon, on the 1st to the 3rd of November the New York City Marathon Health and Fitness Expowill be held. With free admission, it will feature over 100 stalls and exhibitors from around the world offering souvenirs, and health and medical advice, as well as race applications, activities, and much more.

This is your chance to be a part of one of the largest marathons in the world. So, if you’ve got what it takes then sign up now for the New York City Marathon 2012 and make your mark. Good luck!

FeelNYC with the New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade 2012

NYC-Saint-Patricks-Day-Parade-2012FeelNYC with the world famous New York City Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, which is back once again and will be taking place this 17th of March, as is tradition, on the prestigious 5th Avenue in the Big Apple. Saint Patrick’s Day is a worldwide celebration, however the New York parade is the biggest and most spectacular in the world!

It all began in 1845 when the Great Potato Famine hit Ireland and many Irish families immigrated to America to avoid starvation. Interestingly the first parade held in honour of Saint Patrick was in New York in 1762, and ever since then Americans with Irish heritages, and those without, have been celebrating this special day ever since.

People typically dress in green and bear the symbol of Saint Patrick’s Day, which is of course the shamrock, also a symbol for good luck. Bars and pubs will also be doing theirgreen-beer-st-patricks-day bit by decorating their establishments in green and serving typical Irish beverages such as Guinness or Jamesons whisky tinted green with food colouring to get into the Saint Patrick’s Day spirit.

Alongside the parade, visitors and locals alike can expect a whole host of events including the NYC Saint Patrick’s Day Parade Gala Cocktail Reception and the Grand Marshal’s Reception.

Despite the fact that floats, autos and exhibits and not allowed, more than 150,000 marchers participate in the New York Saint Patrick’s Day Parade every year including Irish societies of the city, various schools, colleges, and Irish language and nationalist societies, etc.

st-patricks-day-parade-NYCLed by members of the National Guard’s 69th Regiment, known as the “Fighting 69”, this joyous parade will commence at 44th Street at 11am and make its merry way up 5th Avenue, pass St. Patrick’s Cathedral at 50th Street, continue on to 83rd Street and finally come to an end at 86th Street at around 4:30 to 5pm.

It is advised that you leave your car at home and make your way to the parade by train or subway given that roads will be closed off in the surrounding area.  Around 2 million people line 5th Avenue to catch a glimpse of the parade every year. That many can’t be wrong.

So, now you know. FeelNYC with the New York City Saint Patrick`s Day Parade 2012, and all the fun Saint Patrick’s Day activities on offer!