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FEELNYC with the New York Jazz Scene

I Feel NYC…because it has a great Jazz scene!

jazz_new_yorkThe New York jazz scene has always thrived, whether it was back in the days with Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald or the one that is enjoyed today. Before the indoor smoking ban you would find people sat in bar with a cool, laid back atmosphere watching a talented jazz musician on stage crooning about their love, losses, life and hard times. The jazz scene in New York is just as good as it ever was and you can find out for yourself with our list of places to go to enjoy the most authentic jazz sound in the city.

Arthur’s Tavern

Arthur´s Tavern has been around since 1937. Once a regular host to the great Charlie Parker, it now offers live jazz, blues, rhythm & blues, and Dixieland jazz performances every night of the week. Check out the piano bar and grab a pew in the main jazz club. Where: 57, Grove St, Manhattan. When: Sets of live jazz 7pm – 10pm Tuesday through Saturday; Dixieland jazz 8pm – 11pm Sunday and Monday, and the best of blues and R&B from 9pm – 3 am Tuesday through Saturday and 11 pm – 3am Sunday and Monday.

BB King Club

Jazz lovers will get the chance to enjoy great performances from the likes of Jerry lee Lewis in a comfortable and chilled-out atmosphere. The sound quality is fantastic, making for an evening of enjoyable musical entertainment. Where: 55, Christopher Street, Manhattan.


A funky bar from the prohibition days with a real jazz beat to it. Jazz lovers can enjoy live music every evening and watch music legends invite veterans and newcomers to the scene on stage with them. Located in the Village, if you looking for an authentic jazz scene then this is the bar for you! Where: 55, Christopher Street, Manhattan.

FeelNYC with the New York jazz scene and immerse yourself in one of the great homes of jazz.