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FeelNYC solves all your’ kids complaints with: the best toy stores in New York

With Christmas just around the corner more and more kids are beginning to fill up their wish list. No need to fear though, FeelNYC solves all you kids complaints and makes their dreams come true with our review of the best toy stores in the New York. So now while you’re visiting the Big Apple you can take advantage of this one of a kind city and get your’ shopping done early!

Fao Schwarz: Every plush teddy bear, superhero, or animal ever made can be found at this huge outlet store. Fao Schwarz is the epitome of toy stores. If you can’t find the stuffed animal you’re looking for here you won’t be likely to find it anywhere else in New York.  (Address: 767 Fifth Ave. NYC (212-644-9400))

Kidding Around: Located in the Chelsea district, Kidding Around, is a one of a kind toy store with tons of novelty items that are perfect for young children. The store offers a variety of toys including interactive science kits, lie detectors, and microscopes for any budding scientists out there. (Address: 60 W. 15th St. NYC (212.645.6336))

Babesta: This quaint and trendy toy stores has a number of stylish items including cool one of a kind clothes, punk alphabet books, and even, believe it or not, lullaby renditions of Kanye West and Black Sabbath. In short, babesta is a must see for those who want their kids looking fly and trendy. (66 West Broadway NYC (212.608.4522))

So now, no more problems and complaints from your kids all thanks to the advice of FeelNYC. Have a good complaint free trip and happy holidays!