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FeelNY solves your problems about the weather in NY: What to Expect throughout the Year in NYC

One of the hardest things about traveling is packing for the weather! There is always that question about bringing that heavier jacket or pair of hat and gloves. Let Feel NY, help you solve this problem! Here is what to expect throughout the year in NYC!

Winter Months: December, January February

  • Average Low: 27F
  • Average High: 54F
  • What to expect: In New York City, it can get very windy and very cold. There is a possibilities of snow, sleet, and hail that can make your visit uncomfortable and slippery
  • What to wear: Bring a heavy coat, scarf, heavy gloves, hats, and socks. 

Spring Months: March, April, May

  • Average Low: 35F
  • Average High: 72F
  • What to expect: These are some of the most beautiful months in NYC! The weather is warm enough to enjoy walking but cold enough not to seat and be uncomfortable. You can enjoy all NYC attractions
  • What to wear: Light Jacket, Long sleeve tops, jeans, and light plants!

Summer Months: June, July, August

  • Average Low: 63F
  • Average High: 92F
  • What to expect: NYC is one place where it can get quite hot! Between all the people, the tall buildings, and the amount of traffic you may find yourself sweating a bit! As long as you stay hydrated and periodically go under some shade, it is a beautiful time to enjoy NYC
  • What to wear:  Wear loose clothes like shorts, short sleeved shirts, summer dresses…

Fall Months: September, October, November 

  • Average Low: 41F
  • Average High: 76F
  • What to expect:  Fall is one of the best times for New York City. The weather is crisp and fresh. 
  • What to wear:  Bring a few jackets, sweaters, long pants and long sleeves! Nothing is better than NYC´s sweater weather!

Hopes this blog helps you on staying comfortable in one of the best cities in the world!