FeelNYC solves your winter problems with a guide to the best hot drinks in NYC.

With the cold weather fully set min and here to stay, what better way to warm up than wrapping your hands round a toasty mug of something yummy. Fortunately, here at FeelNYC we have come up with a short list of our favorite hot drinks in the City.

Choco-Pops, Max Brenner.

This crunchy hot chocolate can be served in either white, milk or dark chocolate; all which incorporate coco pops for a delicious, crunchy twist. Perfect for a cold winter afternoon.

841 Broadway, New York, NY (212) 388-0030



Turkish Mocha, The Tea Lounge

If you find yourself in the trendy Brooklyn neighbourhood and fancy something different, head down to the Tea Lounge to try this highly caffeinated twist on a Mocha. Expect to find parents with children in the afternoon and more sophisticated Jazz during the evening.

837 Union St.,Brooklyn (718) 789-2762


Chai Latte, The Bean

One of the best coffee houses in the City with multiple outlets, The Bean offers a range of hot drinks to cater to any mood. One of our favourites is the Chai Latte, a comforting beverage with a spice. You can make it into a Dirty Chai with an added shot of espresso.


Blunt and Savory, Podunk

Another cute spot in the East Village, this lovely little tea room is a perfect place to shelter from the weather. The smell of fresh cupcakes and coffee is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. One of our favourites is The Blunt and Savory tea for two; it makes for the perfect lunch or snack with mini-tea pies, savory filled scones, cheddar biscuits, focaccia and goat cheese, accompanied with a steaming pot of oolong.

231 East 5th Street, New York, NY (212) 677-7722

Hot Cider, Grow NYC Greenmarkets

Whether in Union Square shopping or just in the general area, be sure to at the Grow NYC greenmarkets for a delicious cup of hot cider. A perfect way to warm up!


With this short guide from FeelNYC you should have no problems warming up this winter!


FeelNYC presents a guide to skateboarding in the big apple.

With New York being recognized as one of the birthplaces of skateboarding, it’s not surprising that there is a large skateboarder community. Although it was street skateboarding that originates in NYC, it is becoming increasingly difficult to take to the streets due to stricter law enforcement and regular busts.

It was the construction of the high rise buildings in the 70´s and 80´s that gave the city such a multi-dimensional skating scene. The large plazas on which the new buildings were built incorporated granite and marble ledges, as well as different sized stair sets that were perfect for the originators of street skating to develop their skills.

The famous Brooklyn banks were a somewhat mecca for skateboarders all over the world, with guys coming from all over the world to get a taste of real street skateboarding. Unfortunately the banks, located on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge were closed in 2010 due to a bridge renovation project. This close caused much controversy and dismay within the skateboarding community who fought for years previous to keep their little bit of New York alive. The banks are now fenced off and what is left is a mere shadow of what was previous.

The thing that was most attractive about the banks was that it wasn´t meant to be a skatepark, thus further nurturing a skateboarders ability to view a piece of architecture and find alternative uses for it. The construction work is scheduled to be completed by 2014 with the view of the banks being brought back to life.

With the banks out of action and the police becoming stricter and stricter, street skateboarders are gradually being forced to use skate parks that are dotted around the city. Granted, skating a park is never the same as skating the streets but when there is no other choice, you have to make do. There are many parks that have been constructed or that are being constructed in the city; below is a brief guide to 3 which we at FeelNYC think are the best.

Flushing meadows-Corona Park.

Our favorite skate park is located in the city´s second biggest park; Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

The reason we love this park so much is that many of the aspects are replicas of famed spots from the streets including copies of the nine-stair rail from the Banks, the handicap rail from Union Square, the renowned grate and ledge from the Unisphere, and 11 more obstacles beloved by the skating community.

Hudson river park-Pier 62

Our second choice is a park that is somewhat contradictory to the history of the NYC skating scene. A west coast style park with pool style bowls can be found in the Hudson River Park. Built by Californian designers this park gives the east coast skaters a taste of Dogtown!

Open Road Skate park

What was once a contaminated, gnarly park has now been re-surfaced with 7 layers of specifically manufactured acrylic, making it the smoothest surface in the City. Check out Mark Gonzales´ Krooked eyes mural!

Thanks to this short history and guide to skateboarding from FeelNYC, you should have no problems knowing where to go and furthermore, have no excuse not to go and shred in one of the best cities in the world!

FeelNYC presents the best Glass Blowing Workshops for Beginners in the Big Apple

CanesGlass Blowing is a profession known and practiced by very few in today´s day and age. The profession has been a prominent art form since the Phoenicians in 50BC. Glass Blowing Hot shops are hard to come by and learning can be very costly. Thankfully New York is such a vibrant metropolis it happens to be one of the few places where glass shops and glass blowing courses are readily available. For those that are interested you´ll want to check out this guide to some of the best places for glass blowing in New York. Enjoy discovering art through this unique medium unlike any other.Punties

Urban Glass: Urban Glass offers some quality courses for beginners and first time users.

This urban glass shop regularly offers Weekend Glass-making Workshops. Visitors and Guests can choose from 3 different types of glass-making disciplines including, bead-making, kiln forming, and stained glass. They also offer private classes for one on one sessions with more advanced students. Rates vary accordingly so check the official site.

  1. Bead-making: Bead-making is another long practiced profession in the glassblowing family. This art is primarily made by burning rods of colored glass over a flame and then fusing them into beautiful designs and twisting canes. For those who are interested note that all the tools will be supplied and no experience is required. They also offer an intermediate class for those who wish to advance their skills beyond the basics.Bead Making
  2. Kiln Forming: Kiln forming is done by fusing large sheets of colored glass into a variety of shapes and designs. Typically these sheets are arranged on a flat layer of clear glass and then you slowly heat and connect the colored panes. Expect to learn a great deal about basic fusing concepts. Again, no experience required but you will need to supply your own tools for this specific workshop.
  3. Stained Glass: Principles include glass cutting and assembly. You will also learn about design and working with colors. This class is easy and you´ll have a chance to walk away with your very own glass panel. All materials are included this time and once again no experience is required.bench-tools

Address: (126 13th 3rd Floor between 2nd Ave & 3rd Ave., Brooklyn)

Glass BlowingScanlan Glass: Prices are high as is generally the case with glassblowing classes however you´ll be guaranteed two hours of rigorous assistance and information as you work one on one with resident professor and artist Kevin Scanlan. Kevin Scanlan has been teaching for over 25 years and is extremely used to working with beginners and advanced artists. In short, Scanlan offers help to beginners and experts alike. Group classes are also offered over the course of six week sessions.

Address: (499 Van Brunt St Ste 2A. Brooklyn, Red Hook Neighborhood)

9716420-lgSo now thanks to FeelNYC you can learn about this long standing tradition by trying yourself first hand. No more problems, no more complaints, now you have everything you need to have another once in a life time experience in the Big Apple! So get out there and visit the best glass shops in New York while you still can!

FeelNYC solves all your complaints with this guide to two of the best contemporary art galleries in New York.

New York City is full of art galleries and exhibitions. But with so many big name art pieces on display at can be very easy to overlook some less recognized albeit amazing works. That´s why FeelNYC is here to answer all you artists´ complaints and concerns with this review of two of the best under-appreciated NYC contemporary art galleries. For those who won´t have a chance to visit personally you can still enjoy these incredible photos!

Agora Gallery: agora gallery Located in the Chelsea district and specializing in contemporary refined art this establishment has been around only since 1984. For starters, the good news is that entrance is free. The gallery is known for supporting emerging mid-level artists who have yet to make a name for themselves´. Address: (530 W 25th St. New York; open Tue-Sat 11AM-6PM)
agora gallery 2

digital art at SoHoSOHO Gallery for Digital Art: As with Agora admission here is free however there are occasional special events that do come with a 7 to 30$ admissions free. Inform yourself prior to visitng on the official website if you wish to know more about specific dates and event listings. Located conveniently in the heart of the SoHo District this often underappreciated art gallery caries a wide selection of beautiful digital art peices. For those who are into promising amateur animation, photography and digital art this is a great place to find inspiration from fellow budding artists. This gallery doubles as community space and often hosts a series of additional venues that range from comedy shows to book readings, and even film exhibitions. Address: (138 Sullivan St. New York.: open Tue-Sat 3PM-7PM)Animated Short at SoHo

Thanks to FeelNYC we hope we´ve answered all your amateur artists and art enthusiasts´ complaints. These are undeniably two of the best art galleries that tourist often overlook. So if you want to truly experience New York and have real local and cultural experience, come check out the Agora Gallery in Chelsea and the Digital Art Gallery in SoHo. Enjoy!

FeelNYC wishes you a problem free New Year with this guide to N.Y.C.´s underground events for 2013

underground street artHappy New years to all our followers! To get 2013 off to a good start FeelNYC has solved all your problems with our review of some of the best underground events going on in New York this month. Tourists and locals alike will want to check this out to know where the Big Apple´s next big events will be going down.

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt

Yearly No pants “Flashmob style” subway Ride

NYC Deep Underground Loft Party

Underground Rave

This Friday, Jan 11 at 10:00pm. The event will be held at the Private Loft in Brooklyn, NY

Guaranteed House Music beats all night long! To start off 2013 with style the NYC underground house music parties are back with a monstrous lineup of all star artists. Performers include, Antonello coghe, Jihad Muhammad and DJ Justice. So if you want to get your dance on then come down to the Brooklyn area Friday night Jan 11th and discover the new York underground lifestyle. (Where: Private loft “note look for the silver door not the main entrance” 70 North 6th St Williamsburg) for guest list details check out the official site.

“Underground” Amazing New York Scavenger Hunt



This Sunday, Jan 6 at 1230PM. The event will start at the Fraunces Tavern Restaurant anmd take you through some of the least visited sites around the New York area. This is no ordinary scavenger hunt as the clues lead you trhough a series of physical and mental challenges as well. The winter hunts are done underground so need to worry about the cold winter weather. Feel free to sign up with friends or come solo, just expect to spend approximatelñy 3 hours if you want to finish and have a chance to win some prizes. Top place finishers can win gift cards, t-shirts, and tickets to trivia nights. Note, you need at least one person with a picture phone to participate! For more info check out the official site sponsored by Pogo.Underground Rave

Flashmob No pants subway Ride

Flash mob

This fun spirited event has been going on every January for years now. The idea is inspired from flashmobs where people simultaneously start dancing in public places. This jovial social joke works along the same line. If you want to participate with thousands of other look at the official site and meet at one of the 6 rendezvous sites in Manhattan. Read the rules and then prepare for a good laugh. Enjoy! All participants are invited to the After party at the No Pants Country Club from 430-11PM (where: Facebook Event).

Feel NYC presents its review of the best Graffiti in the City

Graffiti N.Y.

Over the last several years, graffiti has become a prominent part of the New York area sub-culture. Old and young alike take to the streets to make their art known to the world. For those who truly wish to visit the great city of N.Y. and have a first-hand taste of this pinnacle of American rebel sub-culture then this is a review you won´t want to miss. FeelNYC is pleased to present the best things to know about Graffiti in the Big Apple.


Graffiti BattleGraffiti battles where two crews compete are common around the Brooklyn, Bronx, and queens areas. For current news check out the kings of new york´s official site and find out where all the current graffiti wars are going on around the city. (As of this Monday the Tats Cru and BG 183 can be seen going at it around the Bronx!)


The Big Apple is also home to a number of historic Graffiti sites including the popular;

The Graffiti Hall of Fame:

 graffiti nyc

(Located in Harlem)

5 Pointz:


(Located on Long Island)


FeelNYC´s review of the best graffiti spots in N.Y.: also recommends you check out the following! If you´re looking for art supplies around the So Ho and TriBeCa area than look no further than the scrap yard. This store is specially equipped for graffiti artists and although the store itself is small it has a surprisingly large selection of cans and colored markers. It was also rumored that back in the day rival graffiti crews would get into fights out front of the store and it was not uncommon to have your art supplies robbed. Thankfully the location is safe for all to visit but this little store still remains a hallmark of graffiti culture in the Big Apple. Location: (300 W Broadway between Canal St & Grand St)New York

FeelNYC presents its review of best Tattoo Parlors in New York

FeelNYC solves all your problems with our review of the best tattoo parlors in New York. The Big Apple is such a huge metropolitan hub filled with movies stars, musicians and TV icons that it’s no surprise that many of the cities´ tattoo parlors are owned and frequented by these stars. So come check out FeelNYC’s review of the best place to get great line work from some of the top professionals in the biz. For all you tattoo fans out there this is something you won’t want to miss! For those who want to know more, come check out this black and white video on the tradition and art of tattooing in New York.


Three Kings Tattoo: This shop is owned by a well-known and respected neighborhood icon Matty No Times. With 14 resident artists always on the job and a no appointment system this is one of the easiest high quality parlors to get into on a whim. The shop also welcomes several guest artists which are also on site 7 days a week. For all you Brooklyn Indie-rock fans this is the place to go. Artists known to frequent this tattoo parlor include, None More Black, Hold Steady, and Lucero. Address: 572 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, (Hours of operation: open daily – 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.)


Sacred Tattoo: This is an eccentric tattoo parlor unlike any other. Here you´ll find 19 resident artists with a large variety of artistic styles. The coolest part about this institution is instead iof just picking you tattoo you have a selection of conceptual paintings and drawings evocative of current trends and sub-culture to choose from. These images are then used to create your personalized one of a kind tattoo. Address: 424 Broadway (Hours of operation: open daily – 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

ImageAdorned tattoo: This place is recognized for its top notch line work and hyper-detailing. This is one of the most famous tattoo parlors in New York and for good reason. The artists are renowned for the complexity of their art work which ranges from thin and graphic fonts to thoughrouly rendered detail. Be warned, expect to pay about $100 to 200 an hour. Address: (376 Bedford Avenue (between South 4th and 5th streets)tumblr_lmmwd3Ssbl1qfe0jro1_500

So now if you’re planning on getting a tattoo before the New Year arrives here is your chance. Thanks to FeelNYC’s review you won’t have any more problems finding the best places in town to get inked.

FeelNYC solves your problems with a guide to how to spend Christmas Eve in NYC.

The night before Christmas is an especially magical night, and at times a very stressful night too. Whether you have finished all your Christmas shopping or decorating, this quick guide on how to spend your evening should solve all your problems.

Christmas Eve falls on a Monday this year, meaning that if you have any last minute bits of shopping to do, you can. Hopefully though you have got everything organized and can enjoy some of the festive cheer that encapsulates the city on this special night.

Ice skating

As stated in a previous post there are many ice rinks open throughout the city during the holiday season however on Christmas Eve many of them close early. The only non-cost rink in the city (Citi Pond, Byrant Park) stays open until midnight on Christmas Eve, allowing you to welcome Christmas day whilst skating!

Holiday Train show

This beautiful annual tradition that takes place at the New York Botanical Gardens is open until 3pm, and the more modest display at the New York City Transit Museum in Grand Central Terminal is open until 6pm.

Watch a holiday show at the theatre

Although most theaters are usually closed on a Monday, there are many showings of festive classics on this special Monday; Radio City Christmas Spectacular, George Balanchine’s The Nutcracker, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas! The Musical, the Holiday Circus in Brooklyn, Angelina Ballerina the Very Merry Holiday Musicaland A Christmas Story the Musical.

Marvel at the window displays

Walking through the city on Christmas Eve will get you in an unbeatable festive mood. The enormous Christmas trees dotted throughout Manhattan and the beautiful lights are simply delightful. The department store window displays are also spectacular. The Disney animated short at Barneys and the Cirque du Soleil windows at Bloomingdale’s are two favorites with kids.

Christmas Caroling

Every year, at 5pm crowds gather under the Washington Square Arch next to the large Christmas tree to sing Christmas carols. Accompanied by the Rob Susman Brass Quartet, singers are provided with a songbook and nothing more. If you fancy joining the more crowds for a sing song and some festive cheer you can continue with candle light caroling at West Stuyvesant Square Park and Gramercy Park, both at 6pm.

Here at FeelNYC we hope that this short guide will provide you with some ideas on how to spend Christmas Eve in NYC although don´t complain if you haven’t finished your shopping!

Merry Christmas!

FeelNYC´s guide to alternative ways to bring in the new year.

If you´re tired of the usual New Years eve celebrations and are looking for an alternate way to bring in 2013, you´ll have no problems with this guide from FeelNYC.

Emerald nuts midnight run   

Feel like bringing in the New Year in the way in which you intend to continue? The 4mile race through Central Park takes place every year. Organised by the New York Road Runners, the race is accompanied by a costume parade, dancing and a firework display. The race starts at 10pm at the Central Park Bandshell, just south of the 72nd Street Transverse.

Brooklyn Bridge walk

Fancy an educational journey into the New Year? Take part in this late evening walk over the Brooklyn Bridge from where you will be able to see firework displays from all over the City-in the past they have been able to see Central Park, Grand Army Plaza, Staten Island and New Jersey Fireworks, as well as the Empire State Building light show. The guided tour leaves from outside McDonald’s Restaurant, 160 Broadway between Liberty and Cortlandt Streets.

With this short guide to alternative New Year celebrations you shouldn´t have any complaints thanks to FeelNYC!

FeelNYC presents the its review of the best places to find a cup of Joe

Having a hard time waking up and getting over that jet lag during your trip to the Big Apple? Well prepare to be impressed as FeelNYC presents its review of the best places to buy a deluxe cup of Joe around New York City!

032520101958-784021Blue Bottle Coffee: The New York location has become quite popular with the locals and specialties like the super smooth New Orleans syle iced coffee is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser. For those with no particular preference you can still take advantage of this unique location to buy some pretty stylish and unique gadgets and coffee merchandise. *Address: 160 Berry St Brooklyn

WTF Coffee Lab: This stylish Fort Greene coffee spot specializes in Japanese style cold WTF-Coffee-Lab-Fort-Greenbrew and pour over coffee. They have a wide and constantly changing selection of beans which offers great variety for even the regularly returning customers. The place does get a bit crowded so its not the best for a pick up and go type situation. *Address: 47 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn

Saturdays Surf & Coffee Shop: This is a one of a kind coffee and surf board shop. They combine two seemingly uncommon practices and made it to a one of a kind business. So for you beach goers out there looking for a nice cup of Joe before you hit the waves, this is the place for you my friend. They even have a relaxing back patio where you can sit back and hang loose. *Address: 31 Crosby Street, between Broome and Grand Streets26

So now whether you´re at the beach, in the city, or going to work, the next time you want a coffee to wake yourself up you won´t have any problems in the Big Apple. All this thanks to FeelNYC´s review of the best spots to buy a cup of Joe in New York.