FeelNYC solves your winter problems with a guide to the best hot drinks in NYC.

With the cold weather fully set min and here to stay, what better way to warm up than wrapping your hands round a toasty mug of something yummy. Fortunately, here at FeelNYC we have come up with a short list of our favorite hot drinks in the City.

Choco-Pops, Max Brenner.

This crunchy hot chocolate can be served in either white, milk or dark chocolate; all which incorporate coco pops for a delicious, crunchy twist. Perfect for a cold winter afternoon.

841 Broadway, New York, NY (212) 388-0030



Turkish Mocha, The Tea Lounge

If you find yourself in the trendy Brooklyn neighbourhood and fancy something different, head down to the Tea Lounge to try this highly caffeinated twist on a Mocha. Expect to find parents with children in the afternoon and more sophisticated Jazz during the evening.

837 Union St.,Brooklyn (718) 789-2762


Chai Latte, The Bean

One of the best coffee houses in the City with multiple outlets, The Bean offers a range of hot drinks to cater to any mood. One of our favourites is the Chai Latte, a comforting beverage with a spice. You can make it into a Dirty Chai with an added shot of espresso.


Blunt and Savory, Podunk

Another cute spot in the East Village, this lovely little tea room is a perfect place to shelter from the weather. The smell of fresh cupcakes and coffee is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. One of our favourites is The Blunt and Savory tea for two; it makes for the perfect lunch or snack with mini-tea pies, savory filled scones, cheddar biscuits, focaccia and goat cheese, accompanied with a steaming pot of oolong.

231 East 5th Street, New York, NY (212) 677-7722

Hot Cider, Grow NYC Greenmarkets

Whether in Union Square shopping or just in the general area, be sure to at the Grow NYC greenmarkets for a delicious cup of hot cider. A perfect way to warm up!


With this short guide from FeelNYC you should have no problems warming up this winter!


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