FeelNYC presents its review of best Tattoo Parlors in New York

FeelNYC solves all your problems with our review of the best tattoo parlors in New York. The Big Apple is such a huge metropolitan hub filled with movies stars, musicians and TV icons that it’s no surprise that many of the cities´ tattoo parlors are owned and frequented by these stars. So come check out FeelNYC’s review of the best place to get great line work from some of the top professionals in the biz. For all you tattoo fans out there this is something you won’t want to miss! For those who want to know more, come check out this black and white video on the tradition and art of tattooing in New York.


Three Kings Tattoo: This shop is owned by a well-known and respected neighborhood icon Matty No Times. With 14 resident artists always on the job and a no appointment system this is one of the easiest high quality parlors to get into on a whim. The shop also welcomes several guest artists which are also on site 7 days a week. For all you Brooklyn Indie-rock fans this is the place to go. Artists known to frequent this tattoo parlor include, None More Black, Hold Steady, and Lucero. Address: 572 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn, (Hours of operation: open daily – 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.)


Sacred Tattoo: This is an eccentric tattoo parlor unlike any other. Here you´ll find 19 resident artists with a large variety of artistic styles. The coolest part about this institution is instead iof just picking you tattoo you have a selection of conceptual paintings and drawings evocative of current trends and sub-culture to choose from. These images are then used to create your personalized one of a kind tattoo. Address: 424 Broadway (Hours of operation: open daily – 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.)

ImageAdorned tattoo: This place is recognized for its top notch line work and hyper-detailing. This is one of the most famous tattoo parlors in New York and for good reason. The artists are renowned for the complexity of their art work which ranges from thin and graphic fonts to thoughrouly rendered detail. Be warned, expect to pay about $100 to 200 an hour. Address: (376 Bedford Avenue (between South 4th and 5th streets)tumblr_lmmwd3Ssbl1qfe0jro1_500

So now if you’re planning on getting a tattoo before the New Year arrives here is your chance. Thanks to FeelNYC’s review you won’t have any more problems finding the best places in town to get inked.


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