FeelNYC presents the its review of the best places to find a cup of Joe

Having a hard time waking up and getting over that jet lag during your trip to the Big Apple? Well prepare to be impressed as FeelNYC presents its review of the best places to buy a deluxe cup of Joe around New York City!

032520101958-784021Blue Bottle Coffee: The New York location has become quite popular with the locals and specialties like the super smooth New Orleans syle iced coffee is sure to be a huge crowd pleaser. For those with no particular preference you can still take advantage of this unique location to buy some pretty stylish and unique gadgets and coffee merchandise. *Address: 160 Berry St Brooklyn

WTF Coffee Lab: This stylish Fort Greene coffee spot specializes in Japanese style cold WTF-Coffee-Lab-Fort-Greenbrew and pour over coffee. They have a wide and constantly changing selection of beans which offers great variety for even the regularly returning customers. The place does get a bit crowded so its not the best for a pick up and go type situation. *Address: 47 Willoughby Ave Brooklyn

Saturdays Surf & Coffee Shop: This is a one of a kind coffee and surf board shop. They combine two seemingly uncommon practices and made it to a one of a kind business. So for you beach goers out there looking for a nice cup of Joe before you hit the waves, this is the place for you my friend. They even have a relaxing back patio where you can sit back and hang loose. *Address: 31 Crosby Street, between Broome and Grand Streets26

So now whether you´re at the beach, in the city, or going to work, the next time you want a coffee to wake yourself up you won´t have any problems in the Big Apple. All this thanks to FeelNYC´s review of the best spots to buy a cup of Joe in New York.


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