FeelNYC solves all your problems with its review of the best playgrounds in New York

Planning to visit the Big Apple with your kids but don’t know where to go to get some much needed relief? No worries FeelNYC is here to solve all your problems with our review of the best playgrounds in New York. Now you can enjoy some quite time alone with that special someone while your kids run their little hearts out around the swing sets.

Sandbox and Swings Brooklyn Bridge Park: the Brooklyn Bridge Park by Pier 6 has so much sand and water you’ll think you’re at the beach. This is the newest park that you can find on the Brooklyn waterfront. The park has climable animal structures, a boulder that spits water and even a line up of child sized houses. (Address: Furman St. at Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn Heights)

Heckscher Playground: Heckscher Playground is a 1.8 acre park and his been deemed by many as one of the most comprehensive playgrounds in the city. It has all sorts of kid friendly play sets including a tunnel, slides, swing sets, chutes carved in cement and even sprinklers to cool off the kids during the summer time. (Address: Central Park South at Seventh Ave)

Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 Playground: The Hudson River Park is perfect for those who like sports of all ages. The younger kids have your generic slides, monkey bars, and jungle gyms while the older kids also have two climbing walls for those that want to try their hand at some mountain climbing. There’s even has a skate park for young teenagers as well as a miniature golf course. (Address: Hudson River Park between Harrison and North Moore Street)

So now you won’t have any more problems having a quiet evening with the kids. All thanks to the advice of FeelNYC and its review of the best playground in the New York district.


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