FeelNYC solves all your winter problems with a guide to the best ski resorts near NYC.

With the cold weather quickly closing, skiing is quickly becoming a viable option, whether it be for the day or getting out the city for the weekend. Here at FeelNYC we have compiled a list of the best places to ski close to the City; you´ll have no complaints that the kids are bored. There are many different options to choose from depending on what you want. Whether you´d prefer to ski with your children, drop them off at ski school and ski alone, or something different altogether.

The closest resort to the city is Campgaw Mountain. Reachable within one hour; a perfect place for the novice to learn. With 8 slopes and and 2 lifts, Campgaw is the perfect place for a day trip for all the family. If it´s you´re first time, fear not, the instruction is top class.

If a weekend trip for the kids is more what you are looking for, Rocking Horse Ranch is just the place! Just 90mins from the City, this all inclusive resort boasts skiing, tubing, ice skating, sleigh rides, a kid’s camp and an indoor waterpark! All meals and equipment hire is included in the all-inclusive price.

If you´re looking for something a little more advance, Windham Mountain has 49 slopes over 1600 feet. It also has one of the highest ranked ski slopes in the country. In addition Windham has valet parking, ski rental, a number of restaurants and a lounge looking over the slopes.

If you want something a little less crowded, why not head over to Hidden Valley. Located in Vernon, in the shadow of the more popular Mountain Creek resort, Hidden Valley is often overlooked. This quaint little resort has 13 slopes and is only 40 miles from NY.

So there you have it; FeelNYC´s guide to the best ski resorts around NYC.



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