FeelNYC solves all your problems with: the best Bakeries in New York

Feel like having some croissants and or macaroons? Well FeelNYC solves all your problems with our guide to the best bakeries in New York! Yum!

Balthazar Bakery: This miniscule bakery attached to the iconic bistro Balthazar offers some of the best pastries in the city. (Address : 80 Spring Street)

Bien Cuit: Taste the delicious creations by renowned chef Zachary Golper. This professional baker used to work for the infamous Bec Fin a chic restaurant in France. Let yourself give in to temptation with these savory fruit pies or pain au chocolat. (Address : 120 Smith Street)

Levain Bakery: This bakery located in upper east side is celebrated in New York for its incredible cookies. What delight ! (Address: 167 West  74th Street)

Almondine Bakery:  Not only does this bakery offer a wide variety of french delicacies all in good taste and high quality, but it also offers deserts inspired American style. (Address: 80 Water Street)

Grandaisy Bakery: Known mainly for its artisan breads, Grandaisy also offers a selection of succulent patisseries. (Address : 250 West Broadway)

So thanks to FeelNYC no more problems finding a snack in a delicious French bakery! Bon appetite!



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