FeelNYC solves all you complaints with our review of the best American style restaurants in New York

Feel like having some typical American foods but don’t know where to go. Well no worries because FeelNYC is here to solve your problems with our review of the best American style restaurants in New York.

Apple Pie at Little Pie Company: this pie shop serves signature slices of cheery and sour cream apple walnut pie. There point of pride is the fact that these pies are entirely free of preservatives, artificial flavors and chemicals! (Address: 424 West 43rd Street)

Hot Dogs at Crif Dogs: Fact is there’s nothing more American than a nice hot dog. Here you can choose between two signature dogs that are sure to not disappoint. You’ve got the “Crif” which is smoked beef and pork, and then you’ve got the “Newyorker” which is all grilled beef. Either way you’re in for a treat! (Address: 113 St. Marks Place)

Fried Chicken at Hill Country Chicken: As the owner calls it this is a fresh fried chicken joint. You can get the chicken with and without skin along with a side of delicious cheesy fries and mashed potatoes. All in all its’ a typical American meal with style and taste. (Address: 1123 Broadway)

Cheesecake from The Juniors: The Juniors is home to some of the world’s best cheesecakes! The store has several locations across New York. They offer fresh by the slice pieces of cheesecake as well as fully refrigerated ones that you can’t make home and eat later. (Address: Multiple locations; 386 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn)

So now next time you are in the big apple looking for some typical American Style eateries you won’t have any problems thanks to FeelNYC’s review of the best American style restaurants in New York.


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