FeelNYC resolves your problems with: the best things to do in New York this November

Planning on visiting the Big Apple this coming November? No problem! FeelNYC solves everything with our review of key dates and events in New York this November 2012!

The 2012 New York Marathon: The Marathon in New York takes place every November Sunday since 1970. It’s a bit late to sign up now but you can still post up on the side lines and cheer on the participants. When you ask? (4th of November)

The Chocolate Show 2012: The greatest chocolatiers will meetin New York for the 15thedition of the Chocolate Show, a popular chocolate salon which caters to all those with a sweet tooth. When you ask? (9th till 11th of November)

The Veteran’s Day Parade: The Veterans Day parade is aspectacle in honor of all who have served as a military combatant. This event is known for attracting over 20,000 spectators every year. On the program you have: tanks, infantrymen, and bands. So make sure you head down to 5th Avenue between 23rd street (start line) and 59th street (finish line) for an amazing show. When you ask? (10th of November)

The Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade: This is a renowned large scale parade organized by non other than the huge American conglomerate, Macy’s. Expect to see hundreds of gigantic floats being driven through the huge streets of New York.The parade begins at 9AM at the corner of 77th street and Central Park West. It will end at Macy’s herald Square on 34th street. (22nd of November)

Black Friday: Black Friday is a day of folly and excitement in America. On this day all the shops hold huge price rebates on tons of usually expensive items and electronics. It’s the perfect opportunity to start your Christmas shopping. When you ask? (23rd of November)

Thanks to FeelNYC now you won’t have any more worries or problems this November while trying to plan your fall trip to New York.


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