Feel NYC is here to solve your problems with the best Mexican Restaurants in New York

Do you have an itch for Mexican cuisine during your stay in New York­? Feel NYC is here to solve your problem and propose a choice selection of the best Mexican restaurants in New York. Enjoy!

Dos Toros: The small Mexican restaurant located in east village will fill you up for under 10$. On the menu you have burritos, tacos and quesadillas! Also worth noting, you can order take out as well. (Address: 137 4th Ave.)

El Parador Café: Opened since the 50’s El Parador Café is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in New York. We specifically recommend you try their shrimp quesadillas for only 14$. Also worth noting> A vegetarian menu is also available. (Address: 325 E. 34th St.)

Sueños : The chef, Sue Torres, will throw you aback with his authentic décor and progressive Mexican cuisine. From 5 to 7PM, a menu with entrée, main course, and desert is offered at a fix price of 30$. The restaurant also offers over 10 different types of tequilas and 6 different types of Margaritas. Also worth noting, the restaurant is exceptionally closed on Mondays. (Address: 331 W. 17th St.)

So now, finding a Mexican restaurant in New York is no longer a problem thanks to Feel NYC’s reviews of the Best Mexican Restaurants in the Big Apple.


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