Feel NYC shows you how to avoid complaints about insufficient tipping

Being a tourist in New York can seem a bit daunting at first especially when you are unfamiliar with the local culture. To avoid getting any complaints and enjoy a nice relaxing stay in the Big Apple Feel NYC invites you to learn more about the proper etiquette for “tipping” in America. When you don´t know it is easy to find yourself asking, How much? And when? do I tip. The answer is quite simple actually.

You are expected to tip between 10% and 20% depending on the environment and the quality of service provided. Technically speaking tipping is optional and discretionary but in New York it is viewed as common practice as well as a moral obligation. There are many different situation where tipping is necessary. This includes when you are at the bar, hair salon, valet parking, hotel, in a taxi and even restaurants. Remember to be courteous and gentlemanly, many of these service jobs are not easy and the workers expect to be paid for their hard work.

Remember that New York is a busy and extremely populated city with hotel lobbies, taxi drivers, and bus boys at every corner. Among them some will not hesitate to complain if you don´t tip properly. No need to fear however, if you remember to follow Feel NYC´s simple guidelines you´ll never hear anyone make any complaints ever again.


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